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Welcome to PetBusiness101 – a blog aimed at helping turn peoples passions for pets into outrageous ‘lifestyle’ incomes.

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  • A repository of useful articles for both online and brick-and-mortar petrepreneurs. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of starting and running your own successful pet focused business and making a ‘lifestyle’ income that provides not just money, but the time to enjoy your life and pets.
  • A collection of audio podcast recordings about starting a Pet business. You can listen to the recordings at any time on your MP3 player or through your computer speakers.
  • Fresh content is added regularly including interviews with other petrepreneurs and industry experts, how-to instructional articles and video dealing with current hot industry trends and topics like blogging, website marketing and governmental regulations, as well as news, information and events happening in the pet industry.

Who Is Doug Bertram?

Pitcure of me - Doug Bertram

PetBusiness101.com content is produced by Doug Bertram, a 12 year pet industry executive from Gig Harbor, Washington (USA). Doug has held positions as CEO of Farnam Pet Products ($40 million dollars in annual sales), President and Online Operations Director of Happy Dog Toys ($10 million dollars in annual sales) and President of Sterling Paws (an inventive start-up pet supply direct marketing company.)

During that time he has developed, launched and managed millions of dollars in sales of pet niche products and he currently teaches other passionate pet people how to make a full-time ‘lifestyle’ income from their passions for pets with part-time work through his various special reports and Coaching & Mentoring Program.

Doug has been quietly operating from his home (or laptop when traveling with his family) since 2002 and would never have it any other way. He draws on his experience and passion for the pet industry and web business to teach others how to build and manage successful pet focused enterprises.

You can find out more about Doug and exactly what he does to earn a living online in the pet industry by reading the articles below.

  • Get the full story in the pet industry timeline of Doug Bertram
  • Learn what a typical day in Doug’s life is like
  • And Five things you probably didn’t know about Doug

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