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How to start my own pet adoption business?

Posted by TB13
Doug Bertram

Most pet rescues are charities – not to make profit. The goal is to find new homes for the pets. You start by forming a non-profit society.

You need to have a lot of money to start because most pet shelters operate on a minimal budget and at a loss (especially if you have to pay staff)

Here is information on forming a cat rescue, but it applies to other pets too.


Starting a pet photography business, advice?

I have always loved animals from a young age and wanted to end up in a career with them, i just didn't know what career. As a hobby i love to take photos, especially of animals and nature so i recently had the idea of combining the two things im passionate about.

What are your thoughts on a pet photographer?
Would this be a rewarding career?
How much would a pet photographer earn?
How much would you charge per sitting?
Would i have a studio at home or go to the client?
Whats the best camera/Lens to use for this type of photography? (i have a Canon EOS 1000D.. With a 18-55mm and 75-300mm lens)

Ps i live in Australia and i am 18 yrs old.

Thank-you very much :-)

Posted by
Doug Bertram

Pet photography can pay a bit, but like all of the photo business it is erratic. You will still incur all the costs of a business – rent, phone, insurance, licenses, taxes regardless of whether or not you're shooting. If you can work with the local shelters & vets, you might be able to build a good business over a few years. Photography is frankly capital intensive – you need good gear, a computer with decent editing software (at the very least) and you have to charge enough you can continually upgrade your camera and lenses as well as replace the computer every 3 years or so. I don't see a niche business like this producing enough revenues immediately to do this. But….there are alternatives.

You live in Australia – a fantastic place. You love animals. How about going to college, becoming a zoologist or biologist and combining it with photography? You could end up in National Geo.

Any ideas on a good pet service business?

So most all of us have pets….. What are some things that you would like to hire done, that you do not have time for? Or that you would like help with?

Posted by susieq
Doug Bertram

There are quite a few pet businesses that you can start.

Pet sitting- Can be done while people are on vacation, or if they work long days, someone can come in the middle of the day to let the dog out, and play with it.

If you have veterinary experience, you can offer medical pet sitting, where pets are on daily medications and need closer monitoring. On that end, a technician in my area also offers hospice care to terminally ill pets, going into the homes, and making sure the animals are comfortable, getting pain medication, etc…and attending euthanasias and funerals with the families.

Aquarium maintenance is another one I see a lot of, too.

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